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About Us

Mission Statement

Off Track Adventures delivers extraordinary wilderness experiences.

Our Vision

Off Track Adventures recognises the power of nature as a teacher in challenging us to go beyond what we thought was possible for ourselves.  We aim to inspire people to be powerful in their own lives as a result of the extraordinary experiences that we will deliver in a range of wilderness settings.

We will challenge, motivate and equip our guests to excel in their chosen endeavors through their achievements in the wilderness.

We will encourage them to see parallel experiences in their own lives and to be free to continue learning about themselves.

We will deliver on our promises through teams committed to our vision.  They will have a high level of hard skills, be confident, reliable and understanding, positive and honest.

Our goal is that every guest will achieve their goal.

Our Values

We are committed to building a culture of respect for the wilderness and for each other.

We value that our guests will leave the wilderness enriched and empowered by their experience.

We value honesty and integrity and promise to be responsible in everything concerning our guests.

Excellence is our base line.