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The Team

David Eaton,   Director & Chief Guide/Instructor

David EatonOff Track Adventures grew from an idea that David had, to provide an extraordinary experience for others in the outdoors based on the experiences and passion that have driven him for over thirty years.

From an early age, David explored by foot and boat anywhere that could be reached from home near Wellington or on family holidays around New Zealand.  Once old enough to own a firearm, David embarked on hunting trips at every opportunity. These hunting trips, which often involved a lot of exploring and walking, have taken David to many of New Zealand’s most amazing and remote outdoor locations. The thrill of hunting tahr on the high mountain slopes led to new adventures in climbing, including traversing Mt Cook/Aoraki.

In a voluntary capacity, David has shared his passion and passed on much of his knowledge through hunting clubs and more recently his involvement with the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council in his role as a Bush Instructor and Assessor, Firearms Advisor and Alpine Instructor.

David is also involved with Land Search and Rescue where his skills and experience can be used to make a real difference to outdoor participants and their families.

Although hunting is still a major focus, David derives great pleasure from sharing his expertise with others, who will in turn spread that knowledge further afield, in areas such as leadership, navigation and the accumulated skills that, once learned in the outdoors, can be applied with great effect to every day life.

Planning a trip that takes into account the smallest detail is one of David’s strengths and ensures a memorable experience.

For some time David has had a desire to inspire people to be powerful in their own lives as a result of extraordinary experiences obtained in the outdoors.

We look forward to adding some amazing people to our team in the near future.