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Clothing and Equipment

Conditions in New Zealand can be very hard on many overseas clothing and equipment brands, therefore a number of excellent outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturers in New Zealand have developed some of the best gear in the world.

If you find that there is an item or two that you need, would like to get or would prefer not to bring with you, we can arrange for them to be ready on your arrival.  
This may involve the purchase of new items and or hiring of others at a minimal cost.
Please communicate with us which items you would like us to arrange.

Your Guide / Instructor will have
•    A means of communicating with the outside world
•    A Global Positioning System
•    A Personal Locator Beacon
•    A survival kit and a first aid kit
•    Other specific equipment as appropriate, such as a rope
•    A personal compact survival kit for you

As Off Track Adventures runs a variety of events, we provide specific lists for you to consider prior to embarking on your particular adventure.  Some activities will combine aspects of all three lists.
In all cases, some adjustments will be made depending on whether you are walking or being transported into the wilderness and on what period of time you will be there.  We will advise you of variations when you book.

1.    Hunting: refer to hunting and alpine lists

2.    Trekking: refer to bush and above bushline and alpine lists

3.   Alpine: refer alpine list