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This trip was a wonderful and enjoyable experience.  I would be happy to recommend Off Track Adventures to any prospective client or group.

It is really good to feel safe on a long trip and this makes the trip so enjoyable.

Many thanks for a great and memorable trip,and for the experience


Bill Homes




Thanks so much for the most fantastic trip and the most amazing experience that I will treasure forever! I so enjoyed everything – the fun, laughter, adventures, scenery and of course the helicopter ride. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this special place with me!  I had a blast.

Helen Haggas
H.O.D. Physical Education/Health
Nga Tawa School


 Just want to thank you for another amazing trip into the outdoors.  You always put me way out of my comfort zone but, while I stress out for a bit, I do it anyway because I know I’m always absolutely safe with you.  I end up learning heaps about myself and what I can actually do beyond what I may have believed about myself.  The places you have taken me are perfect for my stressed lifestyle - no people, absolute tranquillity and awe-inspiring scenery.  It feels like I’m the first person ever to go there.  Your cooking’s pretty good too!

Christine Michalski
Carncot School
Palmerston North



David Eaton is a hunter, mountaineer and wild animal photographer with a love of the wild places and a desire to see them enjoyed by as many people as possible. In exploring these places he has gained an in-depth knowledge of them and the wildlife that make it their home.  This knowledge coupled with strong determination provides opportunities that few get to experience.  He has portrayed his enthusiasm in various features for New Zealand Rod & Rifle and other magazines where readers have come to understand and appreciate his ethical and responsible attitude to wild animals and the environment they live in.

Brendan Coe
New Zealand Rod & Rifle Magazine

David demonstrates an incredible depth of experience and knowledge in the back country.  He has a very calm, but confident and competent style of leading and instructing in the outdoors. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone as a bush or hunting guide and/or instructor.  In fact, I have recommended his courses or trips to many people including my own family.

Noel Bigwood
NZMSC Bush 2 Instructor & Assessor
Police SAR Co-ordinator, Horowhenua

David Eaton is without doubt one of the best bushmen and hunters in New Zealand.
I would recommend him without hesitation, as he has a great deal to teach the hunting community. With regard to the craft of hunting and bushmanship, he is a master craftsman.

Roger Lentle MB BS PhD LRCP, MRCS
Associate Professor in Clinical Nutrition
Massey University

Co-author of;
Red Deer Hunting in New Zealand
Alpine Hunting
Stalking the Seasons Round
The Hunter’s Companion

A hunter reflects on his best trip ever:
After taking my first Wapiti bull after a great stalk, David Eaton went off alone to find a trophy deer himself.  He was successful too, with a very large 12 pointer shot in the tussock grass right at the top of those incredible mountains in Fiordland National Park.      
As for me, I already had mine to carry out, so I took the camera to the top and took photos, north and south, of mountain top after mountain top stretching as far as the eye could see in both directions. It was a very unusual feeling standing there so high in perfect calm air, blue sky all around and hardly a sound to be heard – so very, very quiet except for the occasional bird or insect noise and the distant ‘roar’ of stags, far away.
We relaxed in base camp despite the ever present sandflies and decided to improve our diet by going fishing.  Tossing the hand line into the cold, deep water we found the fish to be ravenous!  The bait was taken as soon as the hook hit the water and, when we pulled in the line, there was always a good sized fish attached.  So it didn’t take long to have a whole bunch of blue cod ready to be battered and quickly cooked in oil.  I swear that was the best fish I have ever had in my life – so fresh, juicy and sweet.
I still wanted a big head to take home and mount, so when a few days later we heard a deep bellow coming from across the valley, I asked David to “call up” the deer for me.  David signalled me to cross the stream in preparation for the arrival of the deer.  I readied my rifle and was only half way across when the magnificent vision of a huge stag appeared out of the mist on the other side.  This stag put his front feet on a river boulder and roared loudly right in front of me, his breath making a big puff of mist, which hung in the air while he stood looking at me.  I don’t know what shocked me more – seeing the stag so unexpectedly soon and so close or the cold water taking my breath away at the same time!  I had to take the shot before he turned and melted back into the forest, so I quickly aimed and fired.
So now I had my trophy – a nice big 12 pointer with good symmetry.
Craig Hay