Introducing Off Track Adventures

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If you love the great outdoors and desire a truly extraordinary experience, Off Track Adventures can fuel your passion and guide you towards your goals. 

Hunters or trekkers (hikers) wanting to tackle Aotearoa / New Zealand’s wild outdoors can be guided on an adventure  tailor-made to your needs.  Those of you wanting to embark on your own adventure or journey can gain greater confidence, skill and success through our specialist training programmes.

If your goal is to de-stress, we promise you quiet, beautiful and isolated places to restore your equilibrium, energy and spirit.

The remote regions of Aotearoa / New Zealand’s wilderness provide an opportunity to experience a sample of the best that the planet has on offer.

We are committed to social responsibility. Through your participation with Off Track Adventures we are able to support projects that foster environmental sustainability and personal growth.

Our guests benefit from instructors / guides having over 30 years’ experience in hunting, trekking/hiking, climbing throughout Aotearoa / New Zealand.  This knowledge, plus ratios of 1 to 4 maximum, (1 guide/instructor to 4 guests) ensures quality and safety.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-timer or an old hand.  We look forward to introducing beginners to their first and perhaps the best experience of their lives.  We would also love to take experienced people beyond what they know and thought that they could ever do.

It is worth remembering that we do not know what we do not know.  Let us provide an opportunity for you to do and know so much more.