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Hunting Information

Off Track Adventures will work closely with you to customise a hunt that meets your requirements, whether you are after a trophy or simply here to enjoy the experience and the satisfaction of hunting in Aotearoa / New Zealand. Our Wilderness and Adventure Hunts provide it all, focusing on pristine locations selected for their uniqueness.

It is your life and we invite you to live it.

Hunting is available year round in New Zealand, although the best hunting season is March through August.

Off Track Adventures’ Hunting Guides are:

  • Members of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association
  • Very experienced in New Zealand’s terrain
  • Friendly, professional, and safe
  • Passionate about New Zealand hunting

New Zealand is well known for its high standard of trophy animals, especially species like Red Stag and Himalayan Tahr.  The Red Stag is one of the most sought after trophies. The Red stag rut / roar starts in March and ends late April. The Himalayan bull tahr rut is May through July. At this time of year, the tahr has a dark winter coat with a stunning mane similar to that of a lion. May through July is also a great time for hunting alpine chamois.

Check out the hunting images in the photo gallery for pictures of the various species and articles that provide information on and insights into many of New Zealand’s huntable species and locations.

Importation of Firearms

If you wish to bring your own rifle into New Zealand, you will require a visitor’s license and import permit for your firearms. Please note that hunting with pistols is prohibited.

New Zealand has strict firearm laws; please refer to The Arms Code - Click here

On receiving or downloading this permit, you should fill in the appropriate places and fax it to, either the Auckland Airport Police, fax number is +649 256 0486 & phone +649 275 9046. If you are arriving in Christchurch, the Police fax number there is +643 371 8071 & phone +643 371 8070.  Your information will then be transferred to their computer and it should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to clear your guns on arriving at either Auckland or Christchurch International Airport.  If you are not sure whether they received your fax, please call them to confirm details or email us the details to follow up on.

We recommend that you contact the airlines on which you are booked at least two weeks prior to departure to advise them that a firearm/ammunition will be checked in on departure. There is a specific weight limit on the amount of ammunition that can be carried by aircraft – normally, a maximum of 80 rounds.  This is more than enough.  It would also be worthwhile to inform the agent at the time of booking or making your reservation.

This would also be a good time to check with your own Customs Department to obtain any relevant forms that will assist you on returning with your firearm once your trip is completed.

On arrival in New Zealand, when filling out your New Zealand Customs Declaration Form, (in addition to the Visitor’s Firearms License detailed above), be sure to declare your firearm(s) and hunting boots.  Also make sure that your boots and other camping gear are cleaned spotlessly.  If you fail to declare these items, along with any fresh food, or have unclean footwear, you may be fined NZ$200.  It is helpful to keep your footwear packed in the top of your bag, so you can easily find it when you arrive at Customs. As there will be a charge of $25 to process the firearms permit, please ensure that you have some New Zealand cash on you.

Rifles and shooting distances

Shots can vary from 50-300 metres/yards in open country and from 5-50 metres/yards in heavy bush /forest cover. Any calibre between the 7mm-08 and .300 Win Mag is adequate for New Zealand hunting conditions. We recommend that rifles should be sighted in to a 200 metre zero for open country and 100 metres for bush country.  However, the main thing is that you know where your rifle is shooting at different distances.

We have good reliable firearms available for people who do not wish to bring their own.  Please refer to Clothing & Equipment.

Taxidermy and Trophies

We can arrange for top professional taxidermists to prepare your trophies and skins for expediting or they can mount them to your requirements.  Depending on the species you hunt, we will organise the most appropriate taxidermist for the task.