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Wilderness & Adventure Hunting

To fully experience the uniqueness of hunting in New Zealand’s wilderness, we recommend that you immerse yourself in one of our traditional free-range hunts that focus on the principles of fair chase and taking your game animals in an ethical manner.

Our Wilderness & Adventure Hunts, kiwi style, are designed for the real hunters amongst you who desire more than just the taking of a trophy animal.  To maximise your available time, we utilise four wheel drive vehicles, helicopters or fixed wing aircraft to access the hunting area, where you will stay in some amazing mountain huts or tent camps.  These locations contain some of New Zealand’s most incredible vistas at every turn of the head.

Our Quick Shot Hunts are designed for those of you who only have a few days available for a hunt and provide a small taste of what it is like to hunt kiwi style. These hunts will not provide the same opportunities as either the Wilderness or Adventure Hunts, but the experience should be enough to entice you back for more.

As the terrain is generally rugged, you can count on hunts being physically strenuous at times and, add to this New Zealand’s changeable weather, an interesting time lies ahead of you.  Your personal fitness and agility will pre-determine much of what you will be able to do. However, your guide will take into account your abilities when planning your hunt, so that you do fully enjoy yourself.  You could, for example, spend several hours glassing from a vantage point, then prior to darkness or cloud consuming your target need to climb quickly up a few hundred metres/yards to make the shot.  Given the terrain, vegetation and potential weather conditions your hunting and general mountain skills are likely to be tested to the max.  

Species available in our Wilderness and Adventure Hunts include:
Himalayan tahr, European chamois, Fiordland wapiti, red deer, sika deer

The hunting of other species can be arranged once we know what your overall hunting goals are.
These other species may include; fallow, whitetail, sambar deer, wild goat, pig, wallaby, turkey, opossum.